Client: Various
Role: UX design, Visual Design, Development
Agency: Various

Some of the various projects I have worked on in 2020

Below you will find some of the projects I am currently working on or have worked on this year that are not under an NDA. Please keep in mind that some of these projects are still work in progress.

Startclub Arnhem

Startclub Arnhem is a platform to connect new/young business owners and start-ups with the business community of Arnhem. On the platform users can register to find articles, events, connect with experienced business partners and each other and request free coaching sessions. I designed the identity, wireframes and website, and I’m currently developing the website.

The logo consist of various building blocks that represent the connection between the coaches and new business owners, building a better local business comunnity together. The building blocks form various abstract versions of landmarks in Arnhem.

Some samples of the pitch deck used for this identity.

The design for the homepage design, based on wireframes and made to work with a responsive 12 grid system.

Dutch Digital Design Fair

The Dutch Digital Design Fair, or DDDF in short is two day event in Amsterdam that showcases over 15 Dutch interior design brands. Due to Covid-19 regulations the showfloor is also viewable at home through a 360 panorama viewer on the website of DDDF. I designed the identity, website, on-site markings and posters and various marketing outings. The event is currently being re-scheduled due to Covid-19 regulations.

Evolution of the identity design

The Tribe Tales

The Tribe is a music collective consisting of a record label and artist booking service. Their goal is to create an inclusive, open-minded positive space to the dance floor and also host their own events. I was asked to design and build a website that displays these values.

The design for the homepage design, based on wireframes and made to work with a responsive 12 grid system.

The final design for the homepage is made to incorporate the various visual loops that are used during the events that The Tribe hosts. The website is made in such a way that every page uses a different VJ loop and adjusts the colors according to the specific loop used.

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