Client: Solis Benelux
Role: UX, visual design

Redesigning the webshop of Switzerland's premium household appliance brand

Solis is a Swiss brand of household appliances. Their premium class products match a smart, tasty and healthy lifestyle. The Solis Benelux website needed an update. I set out to redesign it.

Solis came to us because they wanted to update their website to be more inspiring, modern an easier to use. I re-designed their website in a way not only shows the Solis products better, but also what you can do or make with them. Working with the help of the in-house development team at Solis, I made a website re-design that would also be possible to be built into a Magento theme.

Unfortunately the wireframes for this re-design are under NDA.

Old Solis homepage

New homepage design

The flow of the website was changed to be more inspiring and showcase the wide range of products better. Users now get a broader view of the available products by seeing the main catalogue and other products of the current product category on various pages. The website was designed in such a way that each page contained similar products and/or inspired users by showcasing all the things you can make or do with the current product.

Pages were designed mobile first, making sure that the key products and features are always shown, even om mobile devices.

Visit the Solis Benelux website to see the end result.

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