Client: ScaleUpNation
Role: UX, design, developer
Agency: Studio Hands

Designing a website for the next generation start-up to scale-up incubator

ScaleUpNation is an enterprise that selects and supports a portfolio of young ventures with convincing scale-up potential. Their aim is to double the number of start-ups in the Netherlands that scale up to a substantial size – i.e., to much more than €50 mln after 10 years. They needed a website design that appeals to the start-up community, but still conveyed experience.

We kicked off the project by having 4 co-creation sessions where we as designers sat down with the ScaleUpNation founders and managers and discussed the needs and requirements of the website. After making the initial wireframes in the studio the rest of the sessions focussed on thinking of new features for the website that added more value to the startup community within ScaleUpNation, and editing the wireframes on the spot.

We designed several abstract headers that illustrated the topic of the current page through animation. For consistency we made every header in such a way that there was some form of animation on scroll, and some headers also featured extra interactions by hovering over elements with your mouse.

The website was made to be fully responsive, and featured a members only area where the start-ups and scale-ups affiliated with ScaleUpNation can access various resources like guides and articles and could connect with other members.