Client: Berkelland
Role: UX, visual design

Branding an event rental agency with a catalogue that has everything imaginable

Berkelland verhuur was mostly known as an event rental agency for weddings, they wanted to reposition themselves in the market as a fullservice regional event supplier for any type of event.

Organising an event can be a stressful ordeal, so their new identity had to communicate experience, trust and security.

With a back catalogue that can cater to a wide range of event types, from napkins and tablewear to audio/visual equipment and circustents, we decided to reflect this in their identity by showcasing every product category through abstract icons. We designed a custom icon grid system to make sure every icon fits into the Berkelland identity and style.

The icons are used in various ways, first and foremost as a dynamic pattern that can change depending on the context. In general the full icon pattern is visible, but depending on the topic some of the more irrelevant icons will be left out. This example shows the homepage, where irrelevant products for weddings / business meetings disappear from the grid.

The icons are also dynamically used on business cards and brochures. Logistics managers have different icons on their business cards than event planners or audio visual managers. This is done to give a better impression to their clients; the person they are working with is a true expert in that particular field. Some clients of Berkelland have been avid collectors of these different types of business cards since they have been in use.