Hi there! I am Bobby, a digital designer with over 10 years of experience and recently graduated for my Master’s degree in Digital Design.

Designing a website for the next generation start-up to scale-up incubator


Designing a smart toy that forms a healthy toothbrushing habit for teenagers


Inspiring a trip to the museum through games

Netherlands Open Air Museum

Redesigning the webshop of Switzerland's premium household appliance brand


Giving historically significant artifacts a stage in the digital realm

Netherlands Open Air Museum

Re-designing an immersive and memorable VR experience

IJsfontein & Waterline Museum

Various websites I have made in 2017-2018


Branding an event rental agency with a catalogue that has everything imaginable


Giving thousands of partygoers a visual show that will blow their minds

New Dutch School

Ask for help in a non-obtrusive way using your voice

Google X

Designing and making a 3D puzzle game from scratch


UI and visual design for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS games

Engine Software

About me