Het Nederlands Openluchtmuseum is a museum that showcases old historical Dutch buildings in their park. I made various games and websites to promote some of their expositions and buildings.

For the exposition “Helden aan de bal” the museum made a gallery of the most famous dutch soccer players and coaches in the history of the national team. I designed and programmed a promotional game/website where users could assemble their ultimate dutch dreamteam, and share the result on facebook. After assembling their dreamteam the users would also be able to buy a discounted ticket to the museum. The game was also playable at the exhibition itself.

In 2014 a new building was placed in the museum, the ‘watersnoodswoning’. These ‘DIY’ buildings were gifted by the Norwegian government during a big flood in 1953 and dropped by airplanes in disaster areas that were unreachable. I designed and made a HTML5 game that was playable in your browser and on your smartphone, the game had 5 levels and in each level you’d need to drop the ‘watersnoodwoning’ at the right spot to continue. After finishing the levels you’d get a 5% discount on your entrance ticket per level succesfully completed. The game was also playable in the exhibition.

The current website of the museum is a bit outdated and hard to navigate, so the marketing agency I worked for got asked to pitch for a redesign of their website. I designed the website to be a more engaging experience, and teasing the visitor to come over to experience the museum for themselves.

I had to think of a design that could showcase the buildings, objects and artworks without looking cluttered or inconsistent. The objects would be shown in the diamonds in the header of the site, and cycle trough the various collections. The diamonds are clickable so you can view the showcased artwork, collection or building directly. When viewing certain collections or building, the diamonds would be filled with the most important objects and artworks in that collection.