For minimal/house collective New Dutch School I created visuals to be shown behind and around the DJ’s playing during parties. Together with a friend we made physical 3D objects and used projection mapping to beam layered movies on top of the physical object to create a false illusion of the physical shape changing.

Every edition we made a completely new 3D object, varying from a 4 2 x 2 pyramid shapes pointed towards the audience to a 12 x 3 meter long LED screen.

When dealing with 3D shapes I created and animated 3D models and layered those on top of the object, combined with 2D animations and different layer effects the visuals will never look the same during the night.

The visuals change during the party, depending on the DJ and the intensity of the music. Most of the performances were live-streamed and put on youtube, these are some of the performances with our visuals in the background.