International Music Meeting Festival has been around for 30 years, inviting artist from all over the world. IMMF contacted Studio Hands, where I work as a web designer/developer. The brand had to stay recognisable to their regular visitors, while feeling fresh and modern for their new audience. IMMF is all about discovery, not just the music and artist but also the festival area itself is designed for exploration. A new logo was designed that could be used as a mirror to reflect the festival and it’s sense of discovery.

We let the excisting fanbase know that IMMF was changing by launching a temporary website with a fullscreen background movie of the new mirror logo being unveiled through plants and flowers (a part of the festival area is in a botanical garden). Visitors could register for early bird tickets and after a while the website got replaced by the complete version.

The site was made by expanding a flexible wordpress theme with custom features and effects. The artists can be filtered and assigned to their own stages and days of their performance.

The mirror effect is represented in the website through various visual effects, see the website in action here.