I worked as a level designer and 2D/3D artist on the NintendoDS videogame Dragon Hunters. The game is based on a movie and television show by the same name and I had to make sure the level design had the same look and feel as the environments in the movie.

In total I must have made about 8 fully designed levels, due to the technical limitations of the NintendoDS the 3d models needed to have as few polygons as possible, and the entire level could only use 8 different 32x32 pixel textures. The shading and colors were added by manually coloring each vertex of the entire level.

I designed the levels by sketching out the designs on paper, then making a rough 3D model to test if the levels are actually fun and challenging to play. The last step was to turn the level into a visually pleasing environment that wouldnt be confusing to navigate for kids playing the game.

Besides the level design, I also drew the graphics for most of the menu’s. Another designer drew and tested a blocked out version of the UI and I made sure the menu’s looked nice and in the artstyle of Dragon Hunters.