Berkelland Verhuur is a company that rents out everything you need to throw a party, wedding or business event. They had trouble showcasing their wide range of products and wanted to shift from being a simple rental company to a full event handling service.

To showcase their full range of products I decided to encorporate them in their new identity through a grid based pattern with all of their product categories. I kept the logo simple on purpose so there would be an equal balance of focus on both the company name and all their products.

I made 70 vector-based icons using the same grid, line width and curve-types, so each product would stay in the same style and one particular product would draw away attention from another one. The icons were also used to identify the roles of their employees on business cards, to be used in print and as signage in their office building.

For the website I designed a grid with all the products for the headers on the homepage and the different sub-pages, and depending on the subject matter some of the icons would (dis)appear on the grid. So a page about wedding-planning would show different icons in the header than a page about business conferences.

The icons are also used on the website to showcase their product categories. Unfortunately the website was made by another company and they didn't follow the design guidelines very closely. 😓