Dragon Hunters

NintendoDS game

Game design, 2D & 3d Art

New Dutch School


2D & 3d Animation

Nederlands Openluchtmuseum

Website & browsergames

Web- & game development

Music Meeting


Web design & development


Nintendo Wii game

Game design, 2D & 3d Art



Web- and print design

About me

We are living in a time where designers are able to make a difference in shaping the future for generations to come. As we are at the frontier of a global, connected world I feel the importance to make a difference now. I believe that everything we design is because we want to tell a story, and I want to be able to tell that story in the best way possible, whether it ends up being a website, game, app, interactive installation, robot or even a piece of artwork.

I love travelling to extreme destinations, I've been to the top of Mount Fuji, crossed Iceland from the South to the North by foot and drove a part of the Silk Road in China by motorbike. In my spare time I like to explore and photograph abandoned buildings all over Europe.

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